Blown Glass

The "hot shop" at BeachGecko Glass is in production during the cooler months of the year. At that time we offer hot glass experiences such as "Make a paperweight" (45 minutes) or a full day "Introduction to Glass Blowing ". We schedule these opportunities around our blowing production schedule.

Fusing & Slumping Workshops

BeachGecko Glass offers a 2.5 hour "Mini Fuser", as well as a full day workshop for beginners in fusing glass. In the Mini Fuser you will design and create a 17 x 17 cm fused and slumped art glass dish. The full day workshop is more comprehensive; we will play with powders and frits to make a coaster; then practice our glass scoring and use of negative space to make a pendant/keychain and finally, incorporate all that we have learned into a 17 x 17 fused art dish.

Pattern Bar & Segment Flow

In this workshop we will use "negative space" to allow glass to flow and create unique and organic patterns. You will design and make pattern bars and segments; use the wet saw to cut them up and fuse them using dams. Various cold working methods will be introduced, and you will bring home 3 finished pieces. 4 Students / 3.5 days

Powder Printing

We offer a 2.5 hour "coasters' powder printing mini, or a 2 day workshop . In the "Coasters" workshop, you will practice the basics of sifting glass powder through a screen, to create 4, 10cm glass coasters. In the full workshop, you will explore further - comparing the differences in a full fuse vs a tack fuse finish, combining the two, and playing with colour reactions. All glass is pre cut.

Vitrigraph Cane & Murrine

This 3 day intensive workshop allows us to make cane & murrine (traditionally a "hot shop" technique) with a Vitrigraph kiln. You will pull multi coloured canes and choose a colour combination for your murrine, both of which will be incorporated into 2 kin formed projects. Pulling the canes will involve manipulating molten glass and final cold working methods will be explored.