Upon completion of a fusing workshop, you are eligible to use our studio facilities to create personal work. It is helpful to have a design in mind, as well as the number of pieces you intend to make.  We sell a wide range of Bullseye glass, as well as dichroic glass (CBS) and we have a a huge selection of molds for slumping as well.

Open studio hire is ongoing, please contact us to schedule time frame.


• Basic rate of $5.00/hour studio time includes basic tools, safety glasses and workbench space.

• Bullseye glass for project/depends on glass chosen

• Firing fee

Firing fees (per 24 hour period)

• Kiln #1 (36cm x 41.5 cm shelf)                                               $40.00

• Kiln #2  (51cm x 51 cm shelf)                                                  $45.00

• Kiln #3 – Bathtub (58.5cm x 61 cm plus end bits)             $60.00

• Flatbed (96.5 cm x 235 cm)                                                     $195.00

Coldworking studio access                                               $25.00/hour

(With ½ hour minimum)

Kilnforming Open Studio Rules

• Projects must be composed entirely of Bullseye glass, purchased from our studio

• When designing your pieces factor in our shelf dimensions plus a ½ in. distance between your piece and the shelf edge, in all directions

• Choose slumping molds before designing your pieces

• Wear appropriate safety gear at all times

• Clean up all work areas after use

Although all care will be taken with kiln programming, BeachGecko Glass takes no responsibility for breakage or unforseen results.