Kiln Carving:

In this workshop there is no glass cutting... you will choose from a selection of pre fired 6mm blanks, and create your own designs in relief, with various thicknesses of fibre paper.  The 6mm prefired blank will be fired Over your cut designs, and you will be using the concept of negative space to create an intricate design.

Your designs can be totally organic and free form, or you can portray a realistic image. We will have examples of both, and a good assortment of pre-fused 6 mm “blanks” for you to choose from, for your design.  Certain blanks will be “preferred” for specific outcomes, and this will all make sense when you see the examples! We will have a number of designs for you to use, or you are welcome to draw, or bring your own. (ours are from adult colouring books, which have some great options!)  If you bring your own, the dimension of the design should not exceed 14-15 cm.


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