Bead Making on the Minor Burner

This is a full day workshop introducing you to the magic of bead making!  We will use a minor burner, which is fueled with an oxy/ propane surface mix torch.
We will begin with basic torch safety, and the very basics of laying on your “footprint” for a basic bead (and your “marker” bead.)Pulling stringer from the Bullseye Rods in order to embellish your beads with dots and stripes; making twisties and using reactive colours for the “wave”, will all be demonstrated and practiced. The experience of working with molten glass and the Minor Burner, will give you an idea of the basic principles of the Hot Shop: you must always keep your bead mandrels turning and horizontal; you must constantly be aware of the core temperature of your beads as you add surface embellishments,
and you must remember that all equipment and tools are HOT!  This day will absolutely fly by, and you will return to pick up your stringer of beads with joy and amazement at what you  have created!
The workshop will be a series of demonstrations and then practice time.    
$325/ person Max 4 participants  (All safety equipment and beading materials included.)

After completing this workshop, you will be eligible for Open Studio on the torch.