Fascination with glass has been an exciting personal journey of discovery exploring new concepts and techniques. Experimentation with forms capturing conscious and intuitive design directions, incorporating colour and texture, realize my purpose of creating work that calls out to be touched and contemplated. I am grateful that memorable moments in my development as an artist come from belonging to a glass community that generously exchanges its experience and insights recognizing that learning is a shared continuum with no end. Glass is a complex medium of endless possibilities. Work created in my BeachGecko studio in Western Australia has a secure and considered foundation in traditional as well as contemporary glass craft practice.

Notable workshops attended:

  • Pilchuck Glass School, USA (Fritz Dreisbach , Frantisek Janak, Jackie Pancari)
  • ANU, Australia (Ben Edols, Nadege Desgenetez, Gabrie!a Bisetto, Becs Hartmann-Kearns)
  • BeachGecko Glass, WA (Ed Schmid)
  • Jam Factory, Australia (Giles Bettison)
  • Bullseye Glass, USA
  • Becon Kilnforming Conference
  • The Glass Furnace, Turkey (Jiri Suhajek, Chantal Royant)